CALE Farms (aka Calefruit) is a world class manufacturer of high quality dried fruits. Family owned and operated since 2021, CALE Farms stemmed from strong passion for general farming. Inspired by the desire to specialise from general farming, the company embarked on horticulture farming focussing on two value chains namely bananas and mangoes. We currently have over one thousand mango trees and over one thousand banana plants in the outskirts of Malawi’s capital Lilongwe.

In 2022, CALE Farms piloted the production of dried fruits, mainly mangoes and pineapples, sourced from small holder fruit farmers. In 2023, CALE Farms went into full scale production, after obtaining regulatory pre-certification status from the Malawi Bureau of Standards.

As a result, fruit farmers have a guaranteed market and stable income to improve their quality of life. Consumers are also able to choose healthy and nutritious proudly Malawian fruit snacks.

Since then, CALE Farms has grown a reputation as premier manufacturer of dried fruits. Our goal is to vertically integrate the fresh fruit farming operations with the dried fruit manufacturing operations by 2029.